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Cam Belts Replaced  In Sale


Most modern engines are fitted with a cambelt. These have to be changed in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations.

Problems arise when vehicles have changed ownership or have stopped following the manufacturers service schedule. A visual inspection of a timing belts is not sufficient, as due to their laminated construction, they may look serviceable on the top surface whilst the bottom or middle is deteriorating.

The answer is simple. If you don’t know when the belt was last replaced it’s a good idea to get it done as soon as possible. If the cambelt fails, on the vast majority of engines, serious damage results. Running into several thousand pounds if the damage is extensive.

At Walkers Garage we have the specialist alignment and measuring tools to replace any timing belt quickly and efficiently at a set price. When changing timing belts, many manufacturers recommend replacement, not only of the belt, but also of ancillary pulleys. When comparing prices please note we only ever fit a full timing belt kit including any necessary ancillaries.

We can check if your cambelt needs replacing free of charge using manufacturers guide lines on mileage and age, please phone us or pop down and we can check it for you.


To book timing belt replacement or obtain an estimate, Call 0161 973 1015